Scan to Box with Lexmark Printers – The Cloud is Only a Few Taps Away

Once your content is on Box, you can view it on your iPhone or iPad, share it with a colleague, or access it directly within your Salesforce or Google Apps account. But before you can do all this (and much more!), your files first need to be uploaded. We’ve thought a lot about how we can make this process more seamless, and in the past few months we’ve unveiled several new ways to easily upload your files to Box: you can drag and drop files straight from your desktop, send email attachments directly to a Box folder with folder-specific email addresses, and automatically upload new and updated content straight from your desktop with Box Sync.

But what about when your files are still in paper form? Whether it’s a signed contract or a project blueprint, we want to make uploading that file to Box as easy as possible. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Lexmark to bring you “Scan to Box” functionality, making it easy to scan files directly from your Web-connected Lexmark printer to specified folders on Box. To get started, visit Lexmark’s “Smart Solutions” center to sync your printer with Box and develop customized shortcuts for Box folders. Once complete, you’ll be able to scan documents to the appropriate Box folders with a few taps – just select “Scan to Box” on your printer’s touchscreen.

Our friends at Lexmark have put together a quick video to show how easy Scan to Box is - take a look, and then this new functionality for a spin and let us know what you think!

Post by Ashley Mayer, Sr. Corporate Communications Manager