Say Goodbye to Fax Machines with HelloFax

If I asked you what your favorite device at the office is, what would you say? Your laptop? The iPad your company gave you? Your fax machine? Yeah, I bet it wasn't your fax machine. It's a scientifically proven fact that no one likes a fax machine (and by scientifically proven, I mean that I asked the people sitting on both sides of me and they agreed), but I have good news, and it goes by the name HelloFax.

HelloFax is a service that lets you send and receive faxes, request signatures, annotate documents and fill out forms, all without having to use a fax machine. Instead of printing, signing and scanning a document, you can digitally sign any document and send it back in three clicks. You can also request an e-signature on any document. No more dealing with fax machines whether they are down the hall or at your local copy store.

On top of that, it's integrated with Box, making it easy to fax files or request signatures on documents straight from your Box account. And since they've added support for Box into their own web application, you can do anything in Hellofax you can do with your content in Box.

That's powerful stuff, but it's not even the best part. The folks at HelloFax have created a promotion just for Box users once you sign up for a HelloFax account and link it your your Box account. Here's what you get with this 90 day promotion:

  • 50 free fax pages per month
  • Unlimited document signing
  • Unlimited e-signature requests
  • Unlimited template usage.
  • To sign up for this promotion, just go here:

Say goodbye to old-school faxing – give HelloFax a try today!

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