Report: Give Traditional ECM Systems a Mobile Makeover with Box

If you rely on a traditional, on-premise enterprise content management (ECM for short) system to share and organize important information at your organization, it may be time to rethink your strategy. According to a recent study, many legacy systems aren't adequate for today's businesses. A quick look at the findings reveals that:

• 68% of installed ECM systems have no browser or mobile access options

• 72% of larger organizations have three or more content management systems. One-fourth have five or more

• 28% of users feel constrained by their current system when it comes to making changes, and 15% say it has limited their ability to achieve an enterprise-wide solution 

In our conversations with customers, we've heard one thing over and over: Mobile is a top priority for today's CIOs. After all, employees are increasingly working outside the firewall with iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. So rather than trying to lock down content, forward-thinking IT departments want to empower employees to share content seamlessly and securely from any device. Thankfully, ECM Cloud Connect from Box gives you a way to liberate your content from behind the firewall – without cumbersome software or hardware.

To learn about some of the biggest hurdles facing CIOs today – and how Box can help – download our latest report, "Reaping New Value from Existing ECM Solutions with the Cloud."