Ramp up Sales Productivity with Showcase + Box

Sales mobility has traditionally been a hard thing to get right, but is crucial to the success of any modern salesforce. Showcase by Taptera is a native iOS client that does a stellar job of tackling this long-time challenge. With the Showcase + Box integration, enterprise mobile document management processes are streamlined through:

  • Brand-wrapper: in two taps users can create, deploy and support organization-based Showcase themes and incorporate logos, custom backgrounds and folder icons from assets stored in Box.
  • Anytime Access: on the road you never know when you might find need access to your sales collateral and there are no guarantees that there will be access to a network when you need it most. With Showcase’s offline mode, users can download documents from Box to their iPad or iPad mini for access without connectivity and never miss a sales beat.
  • Automatic Updates: Forget version control. Showcase automatically stays in-sync with files in Box. When updates for offline content becomes available, files automatically replace themselves once reconnected to the Internet. Additionally, businesses can curate and distribute Box content straight to an employee’s device, ensuring all employees always have the most up-to-date collateral.
  • Mobile File Management: allows users to drill down to as many content layers as needed while on mobile devices.

Showcase-white-device-mock 2

Showcase leverages the Box API to equip your mobile salesforce with all the assets they need on the go. The sleek Showcase interface and ease of use will have any sales rep ready to roll! Check out more info on how to get started with Showcase here: https://taptera.box.com/s/2xbax0553fn51i74cz36 and an awesome demo video of the integration here: https://taptera.box.com/s/19fp7c2kh0zp2cerv2di.