A Platform for the Digital Enterprise

Across every organization in every industry, technology is driving massive change. New employees are entering the workforce with radically different technology expectations. Businesses are adapting to new ways of working in an economy that’s global, mobile and always on. And they’re grappling with how to compete with the current or future “Uber” of their industry – an emerging disruptor that competes through technology advantage.

The very legacy technologies and processes that helped businesses get to where they are today are ill-equipped to take advantage of these new trends. To compete, these companies must now go digital. This requires leveraging technology to transform how an organization operates both internally and externally. On the inside, a digital enterprise is flatter, more collaborative, and makes better decisions faster. To the outside world, a digital enterprise enables on-demand experiences for its customers, builds connected products, and even leverages technology to create all-new business models.

A digital enterprise might look like GE, whose jet engines can be optimized in real time to save customers on fuel costs. It could look like Gap, which is bridging the physical and digital divide to better serve its customers, Or Eli Lilly, as it collaborates on the latest drug discovery with partners around the world.

To drive this internal and external transformation, enterprises need an all new set of technologies. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year on enterprise software, yet most of it is built for the analog business processes of yesterday. This is a massive opportunity for startups.

Software in the future needs to be smarter, simpler, task-oriented, and with security baked in from the beginning. And it needs to be able to connect enterprises with their customers in all new ways.

Developing this next wave of sophisticated apps for the enterprise requires more than basic infrastructure. To build this software, we need new underlying platforms that can support serving the world's largest and most security-conscious organizations.

At Box, we've been working for over a decade to build just this platform. And today at Box Dev, we’re announcing that the same technology that we use to power secure content sharing and collaboration for our 45,000 customers can be brought seamlessly into any application.

With the upcoming release of Box Developer Edition, applications can harness the full power of Box. Box Developer Edition allows software developers to create their own instance of Box, just for their application, where all of the users and data for their app can be stored and managed. Whether you're building an application that helps financial advisors connect with clients, or hospitals share with patients, our platform can help you build secure, collaborative applications for the enterprise.

We’re incredibly excited about this new offering and what it means for our developer ecosystem. This should dramatically accelerate the time to market for new applications, increase the sophistication of the applications that can be built, and allow developers to benefit from full Box functionality while controlling the entire user experience.

Developers will also be building on the platform that is already trusted by 50 percent of the Fortune 500. And on top of this, they can take advantage of go-to-market capabilities through our partner program. We're even working with two leading enterprise focused VC firms — Bessemer and Emergence — to jumpstart applications built on the Box platform with up to $40M in funding, along with strategic support from Box.

Our job at Box is to help you create the transformative software that is going to power the digital enterprise. And we're just getting started.