Out with the Old, in with the #NewBox

Back in January, we introduced you to the entirely new version of Box - a complete redesign that would make it easier than ever for you to share and access all your content in the cloud. Today, we're proud to announce that all of our Box users are now on the latest version of Box, which our team has lovingly dubbed #NewBox.

This was quite a feat for our engineering team, who had to essentially rebuild Box from the ground up to create the best experience possible for our users. New and previous users of Box will now be on this version by default, and there will no longer be an option to switch back to the previous version of Box. If you're just getting acclimated to the new interface, check out our video below to get started:

#NewBox has taken a while to reach all of our users, but that's because of the tremendous amount of great feedback we received from everyone along the way; we wanted to ensure that everything was in order before switching all our users over to the new version. Since #NewBox will make it easier than ever for us to add more features and make changes to Box in the future, be sure to let us know what you think of the new design (and what features you'd like to see) over in the Box community. We're depending on your feedback to help us make this version of Box as useful as possible, so make your voice heard!


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