Our Top 10 Features of 2012

The past 12 months have been an exciting ride for the Box team! We grew a whole lot, moved into a sweet new office and – of course – introduced a ton of new features for both our business and personal users.

To give you a quick overview of some of our favorite features of 2012, we put together a quick top 10 list. Here they are, in no particular order:

Box OneCloud

Going into 2012, we already had apps for iOS, Android and other mobile devices. With OneCloud, we introduced Box-integrated mobile apps that make it easy for you to access, edit and manage content while keeping everything centralized on Box.

Back in October, we added a whopping 100 parters to the platform across both iOS and Android. These included apps that help users manage electronic health records, business intelligence and project management. And we're proud to say that Box OneCloud is now 200+ apps strong and counting! Learn more about OneCloud in our Apps Marketplace. 

Box Edit

This feature holds a special place in our heart at Box HQ – mostly because our entire team uses it to save a ton of time every day. Rather than downloading a document, editing it offline and then re-uploading, Box Edit allows you to open a document right from Box, then save it back to the cloud. Awesome stuff.

Even better, it works with all the file types you already use – like images, videos, spreadsheets, word document and more. Just install the app, then hit "Edit" in the top right top open the file in the native application. After you make changes, hit save and the new version will be sent to Box – like magic!

Get it for Mac or Windows now.

Box Embed

Quiz: What technology powers our file previewing feature? HTML5, of course! And our engineers love it so much they decided to create Box Embed, an HTML5-powered tool that allows partners and customers to put the full Box experience anywhere. When it launched, we had 10 major parters who were already building integrations, and we're pleased to say that there are plenty more in the pipeline.

Now putting the full content management, sharing and collaboration features are available in any application – just grab the embed code on any file or folder page in Box by clicking "embed" in the right-hand sidebar.

Box Accelerator

The Box team has a minor – ok, major – obsession with speed. We're always looking for ways to make Box faster, and this past year, we figured out how to make uploads speedier than ever. How speedy? Try 10x – From anywhere around the globe. Now you can get your important content on Box in seconds, rather than minutes.

Box for Windows 8

2012 was full of major milestones for tech, with the iPhone 5, new Android devices and of course, Windows 8! We introduced Box to this fantastic new platform with an app that takes full advantage of everything Windows 8 has to offer.

Browsing files in the app is the easy, fluid Box mobile experience you're used to, with a few fun Windows-specific actions added for good measure – like Live Tiles, Semantic Zoom and more. Oh, and we even included additional language support for all our international customers. ¡Qué Increíble!

Get the low down on all the new features here.

The New Box Experience

We gave Box a bit of a makeover back in October, with a brand-new look at feel, new collaboration options and more. Check out the new Box experience in the video below:

Custom Links

Want a way to make your shared links stylish – while keeping them ultra secure? Enter Box custom links.

To get started, click on the "sharing" section on the right side of a file or folder to see the "customize link" setting that's included under the different options. Simply click that link and enter your custom name at the end of the URL. Business and enterprise users even have their corporate domain in their customer links so employees and clients can recognize company content. Any link you create retains the security and permissions you've set up for your content, so you won't have to worry about content falling into the wrong hands. Click here to learn more.

Comment Mentions

Love getting the attention of your friends on Twitter or Facebook by mentioning them? Now you can do it in Box. Just type "@" to access a menu of people you collaborate with. You'll be able to mention them to get their attention for review, feedback or approval. Log into your account to try it out now.

Trusted Access

With trusted access, users can control and manage their own logins, and enterprise admins can limit the number of each type of application a user can access. This feature helps ensure admins can limit where their users access company data. Once that limit is reached, the user must remove existing devices from his list of accessed applications before logging in on a new device. Click here for more info.

Smarter Shared Links

We introduced a super simple, super powerful way to make sure the right people have the right level of access to your content. With smarter shared links, you can set links to one of four settings: Open, Company, Collaborators Only and Disabled. Open means anyone with the link can access, Company allows only members in your domain, Collaborators restricts the link to collaborators in that folder, and Disabled means no one can view through the shared link. Account admins can even select what options are available for their entire domain. Check them out in action:

Give all these features a try and let us know what you think in the comments below. 2013 is just around the corner, and we have some pretty big stuff planned for Box. Stay tuned :)