Oh Snap! A New Way to Integrate Data with Box

We're happy to announce that Box.net has launched one of the first "Snaps" featured in SnapLogic's brand new SnapStore. But what, you might ask, is a Snap?

Created by SnapLogic, Snaps offer a new approach to connecting data sources to local and internet services. In Box's case, this means that an organization could use the Box Snap to migrate users' content from another service (web-based or on-premise) to Box, or to easily connect the Box platform to other cloud applications. Without getting too technical, the current Box Snap consists of about 20 components, each of which connects to one of our API methods.

The SnapStore model is pretty cool: both SnapLogic and third-party developers can design Snaps, which are then certified and placed on the marketplace for anyone to purchase. So if a developer makes a Snap to migrate files from S3 to Box, a business with this need could purchase it from the SnapStore.

Check out our SnapStore listing to play around with the current Box Snap (free!), and stay tuned for new, interesting ways to connect Box to other services.