Introducing New Box Mobile SDKs: Building on iOS and Android

Building a mobile app? A well designed SDK should make your life easier, giving you the tools and documentation to easily add new functionality to your application. The new Box mobile SDKs deliver just that. We designed them with modularity in mind, to allow you to quickly integrate key Box functionality when you need it, used either together or separately. Best of all, they incorporate Box’s clean UI to power beautiful preview experiences, intuitive browsing, and sophisticated sharing functionality. These SDKs take a lot of the tedious work out of building enterprise applications so you can focus on creating the best user experience possible, all while providing differentiated features for your product.

Here's what our four new Box mobile SDKs can do for you:

Box Content SDK: Enables you to leverage the Box Content API and serves as the base for all Box mobile applications as well as the other Box mobile SDKs. This is the glue that connects your (and our) creations to the Box platform. The Content SDK supports secure authentication of users, including those in enterprise single sign-on (SSO) environments, and even takes care of the persistence of accounts. From there, all of Box's API functionality is available in your native mobile development language - from accessing folders and files to commenting and collaborating.

Box Preview SDK: The Preview SDK is as powerful as it is versatile. It allows you to leverage our Box preview technology with just a single line of code and includes our best-in-class UI providing a secure and rich preview experience for over 120 different file types. Healthcare apps will be able to allow physicians to review X-ray scans with DICOM preview, insurance to allow claims adjusters to evaluate PDF documents and accident photos, and education apps that help teachers accurately show lesson slides in PowerPoint and Keynote presentations quickly from anywhere.

Box Browse SDK: Provides access to our easy to use file navigation and manipulation UI. Users can easily find and select files as well as import, save and share documents. For example, in financial services, residential mortgage lenders can use the Browse SDK within their mobile app to enable a simple file management system. This would allow them to better manage and organize loan applications and related banking documentation, quickly and easily.

Box Share SDK: Includes pre-built UI elements and UX flows that enable collaboration functionality for files and
folders. With these features, users can share documents easily while managing access to files and folders. For example, retailers can use the Share SDK within their apps to enable simple content sharing with customers, vendors and agencies. They can build an app that displays their latest fashion line and utilize the Share SDK to create shared links to their images. These shared links can then be sent via text message to anyone they choose. You can also invite external vendors and agencies to edit the content directly from the app while easily managing their access levels.

The Box Mobile SDKs not only make it easier to build apps but also make your apps easier to adopt and use. End users like familiarity and ease of use - by taking advantage of the native Box experience and best-in-class UI, you'll be making your users' lives simpler, as well as yours. Better experiences like that are a win for everyone. To learn more about the Box mobile SDKs and get started, visit: