New Mobile Products for Every Business, Every Device

Today, we're excited to announce a new set of products that allow workers to securely access their content from any mobile device. In addition to our current iPhone, iPad, TouchPad and Android phone native applications, we're releasing simple, secure applications for Android tablets and the PlayBook. We're also launching a completely revamped version of our mobile website - - built with the latest web technologies including HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML5-Compatible Mobile Website, Given the huge diversity of mobile clients in the workplace today, a robust mobile website is a must. With this release, Box is bringing all of the slickness, usability and speed of HTML5 and CSS3 to the enterprise. Check out the video below:

We have completely rewritten our mobile website in HTML5, CSS3 and JQueryMobile. With these technologies, we've created a browsing, viewing and sharing experience that rivals native applications in usability and speed. New features include:

  • Scrolling Header Bar: To make it easier to browse through your folder hierarchy in the small form factor of the phone we've added a scrolling header bar so you know where you are in your account.
  • Full-Text Search: Track down and quickly view detailed information on every file in a folder with a new search experience from any page and added next/previous file controls.
  • Commenting: View and respond to entire comment threads around documents directly from your mobile browser.
  • File and Folder Management: Manage your files and folders from the browser and also pull a folder's email address to make it easier to upload files to your account.

The new file and folder management features are great for content creation applications - to upload content to Box, simply grab a folder email address and send an email to the folder with the attached file that you would like to upload. After Box receives the email it will appear in your account.

Box for Android Tablet
The release of tablet support on Android in Google's Honeycomb update earlier this year has paved the way for many new use cases on Android devices. Just as we've seen on the iPad, sales representatives want to use tablets to give pitches to clients, field engineers want to access critical documents on job sites, and people from many departments want to use them to replace bulky paper folders. To provide this support, we've completely redesigned our phone application to take advantage of the tablet form factor and the expectations of tablet users.

The two panel navigation means you'll have a much easier experience with more context while navigating through your content. You can also see more information about your files and easily perform actions like searching all content, opening files in other apps, sharing files and uploading new versions to Box. In addition to being able to create and upload any content on your device, it's also now possible to create, rename and delete files and folders. This is fantastic for situations where you need to create a quick folder to upload that document you just wrote or that audio recording you just made. Download the app here.

Box for PlayBook
RIM has been the mainstay for enterprise mobility since the early 2000's and we're excited to support the PlayBook - its latest innovation. In designing the PlayBook application we took full advantage of the device's hardware and OS, including swipe gestures and a two-panel view very similar to our iOS and Android application. In addition, we've made it easy to browse, open, edit and re-upload content from the device. Download the app here.


The mobile enterprise is about to get a lot more interesting. Enjoy the new Box products and the freedom of device choice!