New Features Make It Easy to Control Content and Permissions

Our team recently made two powerful additions to Box that allow you to quickly reassign roles and transfer content from one user to another. This means that users in your account will always have a seamless Box experience, even in light of changes that may happen within your organization. Here's how to use these new features:

1) Switching Admins

Open the admin console in your account choose the "Users Tab", then find your account in the list of users and click on your name. Find the "Edit User Access Permissions" section and select "Change Account Admin". You can now pick a new admin by typing in an email address, or by choosing someone from the contact list.

Once the new admin has been assigned, you can either give yourself co-admin control (click here for more info), or make yourself a general user. Remember that making yourself a general user will revoke administrative controls from your account.

When you're done, click "Save". You and the new admin will then receive an email confirming the changes.

2) Content Transfer

If someone is leaving your organization, you can easily transfer their Box content to another user when deleting their account.

From the admin console, click on the "Users" tab and locate the user you'd like to delete. Once you select "Delete User" from the drop-down menu, a pop-up will let you know how many files and folders are owned by the user. You can now decide whether to delete or transfer the user's content – if you choose to transfer the content, you can either type in a user's email or choose someone from the list of contacts.

When you confirm this change, you can also send out an email to let the users know you've transferred the data.

We hope you and your admin will find these features pretty useful! If you haven't started using Box yet, you can give it a try here to test out these new features. As always, remember to let us know what you think of these additions in the comments below or on Twitter @boxdotnet!