New Features, 100 OneCloud Partners and More: We're Taking Box to the Next Level

We strongly believe that content is at the heart of any successful organization. By centralizing content on box, businesses all over the world can access it from anywhere – their laptop, mobile device or tablet – and remove the barriers that prevent workers from accessing critical information. Our CEO, Aaron Levie, just took the stage at BoxWorks, where he talked about how we're changing the game with 3 massive updates that make Box more accessible, social and useful as a collaboration platform.

Here's a quick overview of all our major announcements from today:

The New Box Experience

You'll soon log in to Box and see a fresh, more intuitive UI. In addition to a header with advanced search functions, you'll also have access to pending tasks, mentions and discussions. Inviting collaborators will be quick and easy, especially since you'll be able to view anyone who's collaborating on Box within your domain. Finding coworkers to collaborate with is as easy as finding them in the sidebar.

In addition to this, Box Edit – an incredibly powerful feature that will save you tons of time –  received a major update.It's coming out of beta, so we added a pretty slick new feature to it: now you can create new files right from Box in just a few clicks. Finally, we're introducing a "like" feature for files, which lets you show your approval on Box the same way you do on your favorite social network! We think it'll prove to be very useful and a whole lot of fun, too. Get all the details about these updates here.

Embed Box Anywhere

We're big fans of HTML5, so our team decided to use it to create Box Embed, a tool that allows partners and customers to embed the full Box experience anywhere. 10 major partners – like Concur, DocuSign, Eloqua, FuzeBox, NetSuite and Zendesk – are already building integrations, with more to come in the future. Now the full content management, sharing and collaboration features are available in any application. If you can do it on Box, you can do it in Box Embed.

Soon, you'll be able to find the embed code for Box Embed on any file or folder page in Box by clicked "Embed" in the sharing section of the right-hand sidebar.

OneCloud Gets Bigger

We're adding a whopping 100 partners to our OneCloud platform across both iOS and Android. The integrations we're adding even branch out into completely new categories, like electronic health records, mind-mapping, business intelligence and more. This is in addition to existing apps that make note-taking, annotations and electronic signatures a breeze,  and since these updates are across both Android and iOS, you'll have access to your Box content in any app, on any device, creating a truly seamless content-sharing experience.  Our OneCloud ecosystem is now more than 200 strong, and we have no plans to slow down anytime soon –  keep an eye out for even more OneCloud apps in the future.

We're building the collaboration platform of the future, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on these features in Box and on your mobile device. Be part of the conversation about new features with the hashtag #BoxWorks, and let us know what you think of them in comments below.