Introducing a New Box Notes for Web and Desktop

Whether it's the brainstorms you have with coworkers, the meeting notes you share with partners, or the plans you're working on with customers, real-time collaboration is an essential part of how we work today. We introduced Box Notes three years ago to make it easier than ever for teams to work together. And with almost 40% of the Fortune 500 already using Box Notes, it's clear that even the largest organizations are seeing it's value.

Today, we're excited to unveil a new Box Notes:


What makes Box Notes so powerful is that it's built directly into Box, benefitting from the deep enterprise-grade innovations we've pioneered in the cloud: HIPAA and FedRAMP compliance; retention policies through Box Governance; and full encryption in transit and at rest, just to name a few. Plus, Box is where all your content already lives. It’s where your network of collaborators and teammates is already set up and working.

The all new version of Box Notes includes:

A new Box Notes experience from the browser. The more you work in Box Notes, the more it develops into a space of truly valuable knowledge – thoughts, ideas, summaries, records. But knowledge is only useful if you can find it when you need it. We've added a new sidebar that allows you to create new notes, access recently edited notes and bookmark favorite notes, all in one place. There's no more digging through folders to find the note you had open yesterday – everything is available when and where you need it. We've also simplified the layout and navigation, and added 19 keyboard shortcuts to help you get what you need even faster.

Box Notes - left menu

A new desktop application for Macs and PCs. The best web experiences are simple yet sophisticated, light yet powerful. We had this same balance in mind when we developed our desktop app. The new application provides instant access to all your notes directly from your desktop, eliminating the need to open a web browser, so you can easily leave notes open for when you need them throughout the day. Plus, it has the same great live, concurrent editing experience as the web. This lets everyone see the same note and make edits in real-time, together. Its clean interface brings forward the information that counts, without getting bogged down in complexity. Check out the new desktop app for yourself!

Box Notes Desktop

Today at Schneider Electric, thousands of employees use Box Notes across the world everyday for everything from status updates to team meeting notes. At Indiana University, students and faculty rely on Box Notes for on-the-go access to group project plans and documentation. And physician assistants at Providence Anesthesiology use Box Notes while rounding at hospitals and for sharing updates with other doctors while staying HIPAA compliant.

If you haven't already, give Box Notes a try and share any feedback or questions with the Box Notes team at




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