Meet the New Guard and the New New Guard of Enterprise Software at #BoxWorks

Another week, another spotlight on some killer BoxWorks speakers and sessions. We’re just 31 days away, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Today, we’re excited to preview two panels that explore how cloud technologies are transforming enterprise IT: “The Cloud Stack” and “Enterprise Software’s Next Generation.”

The enterprise software landscape used to be pretty slow moving, dominated by just a handful of players. Over the past several years, that’s all changed. Today, this once-dull category is, well, pretty exciting (some would even say “sexy”). And competitive: the enterprise ecosystem is more vibrant and diverse than ever before.

These two BoxWorks sessions will take a look at the companies that are challenging the status quo and transforming the way people work. Some are already well known as critical pieces of the emerging cloud IT architecture – or, “cloud stack.” Others are rising stars, part of a new generation of companies tackling enterprise challenges from business intelligence to payroll.


Geoffrey Moore and The New Cloud Stack
Geoffrey Moore, author of industry-defining books like Crossing the Chasm and Escape Velocity, will kick things off with a look at the changing technology architecture in today’s organizations and the emergence of the new cloud stack. Gone are the days of companies buying vertically integrated products from a single vendor. Instead, integrated best-of-breed cloud platforms are transforming the way today’s businesses operate. Geoffrey will then moderate a panel with the founders and CEOs of the companies that are helping to drive this change: Bob Tinker of Mobile Iron, Roman Stanek of GoodData, Phil Fernandez of Marketo, and Todd McKinnon of Okta. Join them on Monday, September 16th at 11:00am.

Enterprise Software’s Next Generation
There has never been a better time to start an enterprise software company. And if you don’t believe us, check out the rapid rise of the five companies on this panel. Rather than building the seventeenth photo-sharing app, some of the brightest minds in tech are tackling some of the gnarliest challenges in the enterprise. Learn how these entrepreneurs and CEOs took their companies from idea to launch to landing their first big customer to (plans for) world domination. Panelists include Suhail Doshi of Mixpanel, David Ulevitch of OpenDNS, Vik Singh of Infer, Ben Werther of Platfora, and Joshua Reeves of ZenPayroll. The conversation kicks off on Monday, September 16th at 3:30pm.

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