Meet Steve Herrod, Partner at General Catalyst and Speaker at Box Dev

In the lead up to Box Dev, we will be sharing insights from some of our speakers to highlight the ways they stay productive. To see Steve and our lineup of expert speakers, be sure to register for Box Dev today.

1.     What's one way you would describe your working style? 

Meticulous, yet with heavy prioritization of spontaneity, serendipity, and ridiculous levels of creativity.

 2.     Favorite device to get shit done?

I have a device addiction and seem to have one of each. Workhorses are my iPhone 5s and MBPro.


 3.     What are your must-have apps/software to be productive?

I live in Evernote for almost all of my work. I’m also obsessed with spreadsheets; using them for to-do lists, contact management, trip planning, and decision-making support.

 4.     Any interesting life-hacks? 

My buddies and I created 6 “burner boards” for this year's Burning Man. These are giant motorized surfboards with Arduino-controlled LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and batteries enabling a range 40 miles at 21 miles per hour!

5.     What's the one blog you need to check everyday?

Not exactly a blog, but I often find myself starting with Hacker News.

 6.     If I weren't working at General Catalyst, I'd be _______. 

Creating cool mobile apps from the patio of an awesome café.