Making Your Business More Open and Connected: Box for Android Gets an Update

A few months ago, we released our Android app - it was a big step forward in making sure that Box was available to our users on whatever mobile device they own. Like our iPad and iPhone apps, we think it's a really great way to access all of your content in the cloud regardless of whether you're in the office, at home or on-the-go. Many of you have told us that mobile devices are an integral part of your workflow, so we've been working hard on an update to help you get the most out of your Android device. In addition to fixing some stability issues and making the app run more smoothly, the newest update adds two really cool features:

"Create" - When you want to create content, we give the option to open up your Android device's native camera, video or audio recording app directly from the Box app. Once you've captured your content, we take you back into the Box application where you can rename and upload it.

"Upload" - The new upload feature allows you to go into your native photo, video and audio apps to choose existing content that you'd like to upload. Of course, it's still possible to navigate through your Android file system and choose any file from your SD card that you'd like to put on Box.

These updates mean that the Box app now interacts seamlessly with your Android device's native applications without any additional steps or plugins. From our app's home screen, you can jump straight into a separate application to quickly create a photo, video or audio file, and then return to Box to upload. This is a great way to store audio notes from a meeting, or instantly share files with colleagues when you're away from the office. Your Android camera is now directly connected to your Box account, so there's no need to transfer files from your camera to your computer, and then upload. This connectedness between apps is unique to Android, and we wanted to make the most of it by allowing Box to easily communicate with other apps on your device.

With our recent storage upgrades across plans, you'll have access to more content from your Android device than ever before. Be sure to check our blog regularly for more information on future releases. We'll be updating all of our apps frequently to give you additional features so you can share and manage your content in the cloud wherever, and whenever you want. The update is live on the Andoid market, so head on over and update your Box app now!

Post by Michael Smith, Mobile Product Manager