Make Proofreading Easier with Box and ProofHQ

If you've ever worked on a marketing team, you know that completing work is only half the battle. Sharing work with your teammates, incorporating feedback and changes, and ensuring you get everyone's approval before sending a project into the wider world is just as important—and often takes much more time. That's why we're pleased to announce Box's new integration with ProofHQ, a cloud-based proofing solution that allows marketing teams to share, approve, and deliver projects faster and more efficiently.

Once you've joined up your ProofHQ and Box accounts, sharing is simple: just select files from within Box to send over to ProofHQ for review. I can attest firsthand that ProofHQ’s solution is incredibly easy to use: with no proofing or design experience, I was able to seamlessly send a Box file to a coworker, which she returned to me with feedback within minutes. I integrated her feedback in Box, then sent back the updated proof, which she approved-- all without leaving the ProofHQ interface. I could also see who else on the team had seen the latest draft, and get their approval in real time without juggling multiple copies of the same document. With this kind of speed, it's no surprise that ProofHQ is the proofing software of choice for world-class design and marketing teams.

Here at Box, we've made it our mission to make enterprise sexy, and being able to work with partners like ProofHQ to create easy and effective solutions for businesses only affirms that credo. If you’d like to try out ProofHQ for yourself, check out their application page here. Once you add the application, you’ll be able to send files to ProofHQ from your Box account seamlessly.