Lights, Dancing and Culture – Diwali at Box

It could have been a scene from a Bollywood film: a huge group of smiling and laughing people dressed in brightly colored Indian Kurtas and Sarees dancing all in sync to the pounding beats of a Bhangra song. But this was no movie—it was last week’s Diwali celebration at Box, and the dancers were none other than Box employees, including Jen Grant, Box’s VP of Marketing, and Aman Manik, Business Development Manager.

As is common of many Silicon Valley tech companies, Box employs people from all around the world, including South Asia. But atypical of many local workplaces are the unique values that Box holds near and dear to its heart, one of which is amusingly phrased, “bring your wacky self to work everyday!” Despite growing rapidly and almost doubling in size in the past year alone, Box still greatly values and maintains its company culture, and by extension, the cultures of its people. Employees are encouraged to be themselves at work and share their varying interests and hobbies with each other—leading to various sports teams (like men’s soccer and women’s softball), mailing lists (happy hour, snow, gamers) and of course, celebrations (Diwali!).

The entire company celebrated this Indian festival of lights at last week’s Friday All-Hands lunch. Together, we enjoyed Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan, lit lamps (traditionally known as Diyas), danced Bhangra, and even got custom henna tattoos by Rachna, a local henna expert who came onsite to decorate the hands of Boxers with gorgeous designs. Not to mention the various Box employees who dressed in vibrantly colored traditional Indian clothes, including Salvar Kameez, Kurtas and Sarees.

In this way, individuals who come to Box everyday get to bring a little bit of their home to their workplace and share it with their colleagues. And by allowing ourselves to let our hair down once in a while and “screw the light bulb and pet the dog,” so to speak, in front of our co-workers, we at Box continue to uphold yet another company value—“trust each other.”

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