Learn Why Tech Innovators Use Box to Share Externally

Six Flags was recently awarded a spot in the InformationWeek500, and with good reason: Over the last few years, the entire Six Flags team worked to revamp company infrastructure and define IT best practices. A large part of this process was a business initiative that – through the use of both on-premise and cloud-based technologies – improved how employees share and manage content.

But before they embraced the cloud, Six Flags hit a major roadblock – sharing externally was a pain since email and FTP weren't up to the challenge. That's when Box came in to save the day and eliminate the company's file-sharing frustrations.

Sean Andersen, Director of Interactive Services, was immediately surprised by how easy it was for end users to upload files, share content externally and collaborate. “It’s impressive that an enterprise system like Box is so simple to use,” states Sean.

Interested in hearing more? Learn their entire Box story by downloading our Six Flags case study and video. You and your entire company will be sharing externally in a snap. :)