Leading the Enterprise IT Transformation

Today, we are witnessing an Enterprise IT transformation on two fronts. On the surface, we all see infrastructure moving to the cloud, but there is a deeper change occurring -- cloud adoption is also beginning to influence the business operations of organizations. It all began simply: the adoption of departmental SaaS services for sales, marketing and HR. These apps were disruptors: less feature-rich than their on-premise counterparts, but offered immediate savings and efficiency. These first forays into cloud adoption proved out the anticipated benefits: ease of use, ease of adoption and cost efficiencies.

But now, cloud platforms are becoming a critical and integral part of the entire IT landscape. It is now recognized that cloud and SaaS offerings can offer more power, capabilities and control than their on-premise alternatives. Cloud platforms are the secret to unlocking the full potential of the enterprise. For CIOs, it's no longer a question of "if" to go cloud, but "Who should I choose?"

We're proud to play a leading role in this Enterprise IT Transformation, and we're seeing many of the largest enterprises in the world choosing the Box platform as a key part of their current and future technology landscape. In fact, Box powers content collaboration for companies like Chevron, Safeway, Pearson, P&G, Schneider Electric, Nationwide Insurance, and EA. To help these companies and all of our customers more easily manage and secure the flow of information across the entire business, we need to have the right capabilities in our products and support them with the right services to make them wildly successful. And, they need to work for small teams of just a few people and for tens of thousands of users in a large-scale corporation. To that end, we're introducing some significant new capabilities today: new enterprise admin console features, services to support businesses deploying and customizing Box at scale, a significant new partnership, and a big upgrade to Box Sync.

New Enterprise Admin Experience

box_admin_console_736x368Box admins are the ones that have to manage permissions, access, control and monitor how Box is used in an organization. With complex deployments, and/or heavy governance requirements, we've heard the call for capabilities that allow deeper control over content at scale.

  • With the new policies tool, Box customers can protect against the upload or sharing of confidential data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and specific keywords.
  • The new automation tab helps admins create simple flows for managing common tasks like invoice approvals, project approvals, and many other multi-step processes.
  • The new content manager allows admins to centrally manage all the content owned by their organization, search for files across the enterprise, and manage permissions across users and folders more easily.

We've really given our admins a powerful command center to manage their Box deployment. And the best news? These three new features will be available to all Enterprise and Elite accounts in the coming months.

Box Consulting

box_consulting_736x368While the Box product is intuitive and easy to deploy, we know that many enterprises have complex technology architectures and requirements that can benefit from additional expert deployment and implementation assistance. As a result, we're excited to introduce a new advanced professional services team – Box Consulting – to help enterprises with complex environments to get up and running on Box efficiently and at scale.

For example, if you have tens of thousands of knowledge workers getting Box accounts, you may want some expert help to design the perfect permissions model. Or perhaps you're planning to displace some old FTP servers and shared network drives while reducing your exposure to unmanaged consumer tools; we can help you plan a successful migration and training plan. We can even help you build a custom application built on our platform and API. Contact your Box representative for more details on the Box Consulting services.

Box and Capgemini

To complement the Box Consulting capabilities and to extend our global reach in the largest enterprises, we are introducing partnerships with Capgemini and other leading systems integrators under the Box Services Partner Program. Box, Capgemini and its extensive network of services partners specialize in not only the strategic planning as companies proceed with their move to a cloud architecture, but they are also experts at custom app integrations and complex architecture implementations. To learn more about the new Box Services Partners Program, please check out our blog here.

Box Sync

Finally, we've also completely rebuilt Box Sync from the ground up -- and we're thrilled to announce that it is available now to all Box users, regardless of which Box plan you have (Personal to Elite). Check out this blog post for the full details.