Join us at TNC18!

The Box team is in Trondheim, Norway this week -- where there's over 20 hours of daylight this time of year -- to talk about the future of collaboration and cloud content management at the TNC 18 conference. TNC brings together hundreds of leading members of the global Research and Education community including IT leadership and decision makers, as well as managers, networking and collaboration specialists, and identity and access management experts from all major European networking and research organizations, universities, worldwide research and education networks, as well as many of our partners like AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

Box has a long-standing commitment to strategic engagement with the global R&E community, dating back over 7 years now to our partnership with Internet2, and continuing with other partnerships with leading colleges and universities globally, as well as other national research and education networks. We are currently engaged in updating our offering in GEANT's Cloud Service Catalogue in order to ensure that the GEANT member NRENs have access to our standard global education offering, with deeply discounted pricing for campus-wide deployments and terms and conditions that meet the community's security, compliance, and other standards.

Supporting Research(ers) & Engaging with TNC's Themes

This year's TNC focuses "on a variety of thought-provoking sub-themes such as: the power of the Internet, the responsibility of sustainability and delivery, the power of data analytics, the creation of intelligent complexity, and networking at the speed of science." Box is uniquely positioned among cloud content management providers to engage with solutions that speak to these themes, in part because of our deep and sustained engagement with the global research and education community.

Research activities in every field of scientific inquiry are cross-organizational and in many cases trans-national and global in nature. Box's collaboration model and ease of engaging "external collaborators," as well as managing groups of collaborators are especially important to researchers, as is offering unlimited storage so there is one less point of friction associated with getting research done.

In the future, we expect to continue growing deeper engagements with the global research community, especially as an increasing number of research organizations move to the cloud with Box. Recently, one of the world's leading research organizations, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), announced their Box deployment and implementation of enterprise cloud content management that meets their security and compliance requirements.

Multizones Increases Opportunities for Secure, Compliant Global Research Collaboration

At Box World Tour London last month, we officially launched Multizone support for Box Zones, which provides organizations the ability to have even more control over data residency with the ability to assign Zones to individual users based on their location, while ensuring their users have a completely frictionless collaboration experience no matter where they are working. There are tremendous applications for global research collaboration, especially those involving sensitive datasets that must be stored in a specific country or region. This new offering ensures that global organizations, including those "virtual organizations" of researchers collaborating globally, are able to securely store, manage and collaborate on content in Box, while maintaining adherence to the most stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.

Events at TNC & What's Next

We'll be presenting an overview of Box's vision and strategy for enterprise cloud content management in the "Cloud Futures" session on Tuesday, June 12 at 5:30pm and will stick around for the "Cloud Cafe" session immediately following to discuss more informally over drinks and snacks. If you can't make it to either of those sessions, please be sure to find us at our booth. We'll also be meeting in a closed session with NREN cloud managers to convey additional details to ensure they are equipped to engage with colleges, universities, and research organizations in their countries.

Following TNC, there are some additional engagement opportunities with higher education coming up this summer, including the Higher Education Community Summit hosted by the University of Illinois at NCSA June 27-28 and Boxworks, our annual customer conference, in San Francisco, August 29-30.

Please feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions, comments, and/or would like to engage with the Box Higher Education team, email us