Introducing the View API

Today at BoxWorks Developer Day, we announced a beta version of the new View API. The View API is a set of technologies that converts PDF and Office documents into easily embeddable HTML, which looks beautiful on both web and mobile devices. This technology is the latest iteration of what was formerly the Crocodoc API.

Here is a sample of a converted document using the View API.

The View API makes it easy for developers to easily display documents on any platform or device. We see this technology providing developers with an amazing amount of flexibility to create beautiful, immersive experiences around documents including:

  • Developing a custom document viewer to view e-books or annotate architectural floor plans
  • Displaying document attachments in productivity apps
  • Sharing and reviewing classroom assignments in e-learning apps
  • Providing user manuals and product spec documents on a support site
  • Showcasing a creative professional’s portfolio on their website

We’re incredibly excited to bring the technology that powers the all-new preview experience on Box to developers via the View API. Documentation for the beta version of the API can be found here. We’d also love to hear your feedback -- just email us at

Be sure to register for a Box API key and start experimenting with the technology today!