Introducing the OneCloud Pavilion at BoxHQ

To truly grasp the transformation powered by mobile, and especially mobile in the enterprise, you have to live it. That means consuming the latest mobile technologies when they’re available. When it comes to devices, that means picking them up, testing them, and seeing how they feel. And when it comes to apps, that means taking the time to try them, and picking the best ones that will move the needle for your business, employees and customers.

That’s why we’re proud to announce today the opening of the Box OneCloud pavilion here at BoxHQ—it’s like our very own version of the Apple Genius Bar, but meant to showcase our best OneCloud partner apps, across a variety of categories: taking notes, showing presentations, e-signing, to name a few. It’s also a chance to get hands-on with some of the latest mobile hardware. Given that Box supports all major mobile platforms and that we have so many cool partners in the device space, the OneCloud pavilion has something for everyone: the latest iPads, a Windows Surface and the yet to be released, but waterproof Sony Xperia Z. Finally, and just because we could, it also has enough ambient lighting and optical flare to make J.J. Abrams swoon. Step inside, and it’s like you’re on the deck of the Starship Mobile Enterprise, ready to take your productivity to warp speed.

With so many thousands of business apps out there, across so many platforms, it’s tough to find the one that’s right for you. At the end of the day, finding the right app is a personal decision, deeply steeped in your organizational vision of what will work for you. As long as the apps are interoperable with the business content you truly care about, picking them shouldn’t be an exercise in assimilation. So that’s why we built the OneCloud pavilion. For our customers, it means we’ll help you find, try and deploy the best integrated apps that fit your needs. Apps that will truly let you do more, from anywhere. For our OneCloud partners, it means we’ll keep on helping you place your apps in the right hands. Better yet, we’ll have you come over so that you can demo them yourselves. Because we live it.

So next time you visit, drop by the OneCloud pavilion over here at Box HQ. We’ll take you boldly where no enterprise software company has taken you before.