Introducing Box View

Note: The Box View API/Crocodoc service has shut down. Existing customers should visit here to learn how to migrate to the new Box View.

Today, we are proud to announce that Box View, initially unveiled last September at BoxWorks, is now out of beta and generally available for use in production applications.

Box View is an API that converts Office and PDF documents to easily embeddable HTML5, enabling developers to create beautiful experiences around content. Gone are the days of forcing users to deal with broken and inconsistent experiences across platforms. With just a few simple API calls, developers can create an elegant and consistent content experience across all platforms.


Office and PDF documents are central to the workflow of effectively every industry; until now, the problem of dealing with broken content experiences has permeated every app used by those industries as well. We are thrilled to be launching Box View with over 100 partners across a variety of industries and use cases, including:

Shake uses Box View to help users create, sign, and send legally binding agreements in seconds.

Shake_Box View

Xero builds beautiful end-to-end accounting software and uses Box View to render financial documents throughout every step of the accounting process.

Xero_Box View

UberConference uses Box View within their conference calling application, enabling users to view and collaborate documents during conference calls.

UberConference_Box View


While Box View does incredibly complex work behind the scenes to convert documents to HTML5, the API itself couldn’t be easier to use. There are just three basic steps to using Box View:

1. Upload the Document

curl \
-H "Authorization: Token YOUR_API_KEY" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"url": ""}' \

2. Create a Viewing Session or Download the Assets

curl \
-H "Authorization: Token YOUR_API_KEY" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"document_id": "ABC123"}' \

3. Render the Document{SESSION_ID}/assets

To learn more about the full set of Box View features, check out the documentation.


In addition to the GA of Box View, we are also proud to announce that we are open sourcing a significant piece of the Box View technology stack: viewer.js. viewer.js powers the entire client-side experience of documents converted with Box View. With full access to viewer.js, you can build everything from visually stunning animations to insightful analytics tools; the possibilities are endless. We’re extremely excited to see what new and innovative things you’ll be able to build with viewer.js. You can check out the source code on Github:

Simple Pricing

Box View is built to be incredibly simple to use, and we designed pricing to be just as simple.

Box View pricingMost developers will never have to pay anything for Box View, and, for those that do, Box View pricing is built to scale alongside your app's userbase. Click to learn more about Box View pricing.

Learn More

If you're interested in getting started with Box View, please dive right into the documentation. We're extremely excited to see what you'll build!