Introducing: Box Enabled

We've finally released Box Enabled -our developer network/platform- in preview mode. It offers developers a collection of APIs that interface with's storage, sharing, and network functionality. The purpose of Box Enabled is to provide individuals, organizations, and businesses with a simple way to support files sharing and access in their application, website, or device. For now, while we get all the smaller bugs and support issues out of the system, we're focusing our attention on non-commercial uses. Within the next few weeks, however, we'll have a simple pricing model established for anyone that wants to use Box within a commercial application (defined by us a service that in some way is making money directly or indirectly off of the Box functions). If this is an immediate need for you, please contact us directly and we can get you started.

In the meantime, if you're a developer and don't have any specific projects in mind, here's a short list of services that we think could be cool:

- Firefox extension for instant sharing
- Mac dashboard widget
- Contact sync for outlook/mail client
- Plugins to access your Box files from popular media services
- Box on mobile! (check out for an awesome one)

We'll also be releasing a full set of flash classes in the next week or two that will offer all of the major API functions to give you a head start when building something with Box. Look for an updated post when this happens. Also, special thanks to our good pal Jeffrey Mcmanus who's been consulting for us throughout the process of building this network. You can credit him for all the good things, and blame one of us for any of the bad :)

There's plenty more to come on the network, and as usual, we'd really like to hear your feedback - especially before we do a wider release of the network.

- Aaron