Innovators, Assemble

Two things happened this week. First, The Avengers made over a billion dollars at the box office — hopefully Iron Man, and the rest of the formidable team will now pitch in to rebuild Manhattan after it was laid to waste during the movie's climactic, intergalactic battle. Second, as our way of thanking our own formidable group of partners that helped launch Box OneCloud, we put up a gigantic billboard on the US-101.

You may ask yourself, what do the Avengers and OneCloud have in common? Well for starters, both showcase what’s possible when you rally a team of remarkable people around a greater cause.

The Avengers was the culmination of Marvel Studios and various stakeholders meticulously bringing to life a stable of beloved characters one by one.  The pay-off came by bringing those characters seamlessly together in one cinematic experience. Comic book nerds (this blogger included) who waited decades for such a thing to happen were greeted by one part surprise, one part delight, and multiple parts Hulk smash. Casual moviegoers looking for a summer blockbuster got exactly what they paid for: a solid cast, kickass special effects and laughs by the barrel. It all came together, and it just worked.

With OneCloud, we worked tirelessly with partners to create a better, more seamless mobile user experience for business users. We did that by unifying the data silos that are typically present on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. We joined forces with enterprise developers around the world to build an ecosystem of inter-operable apps that let people do more, from anywhere.

Enterprise users who’ve long endured disjointed workflows on mobile devices can now, for the first time, take a document right from the Box app, make edits to it in Quickoffice, annotate it using PDF Expert, get it signed electronically with Adobe EchoSign and save it back to Box, all on the same mobile device. Road warriors looking to print a document stored in Box while on the move can fire up Breezy, connect to its network of printers, and print to a specific location, in a way that's secure and cost-effective. It all comes together, and it just works.

But that’s not all. Both of these milestones are also a sign of what's to come. There will most certainly be a sequel to The Avengers. All the right mythological elements are in place to create something that's enduring — after all, a good story is a good platform. With OneCloud, we're far from done. We've only scratched the surface of what's possible with our ecosystem of partners, and can’t wait to see what enterprise apps people will build next so that we can showcase them to you.

Until then, we'll keep working on enabling our developers and partners by building the most innovative cloud content platform, because after all, a good platform is also a good story.

If you have an enterprise app for that, join us.

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