Innovate and Save: The Top 5 Ways Enterprises Get Value from Box

We’re constantly working with analysts and customers to better understand how enterprises are benefitting from its investment in Box. Our goal was simple: Use customer data to quantify the value of Box versus traditional solutions like email, file servers and network drives for collaboration. We partnered with IDC and The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to develop a financial model, and as a part of our research, both firms interviewed Box customers. Here are the top 5 ways customers are increasing innovation and becoming more efficient with Box.

1.   Collaborate Better: Enable New Ways to Work in the Post-PC Era

  • Box customers report that they have seen significant reductions in the time it takes users and teams to complete business tasks. These include: collaborating around marketing launch events without an IT bottleneck for provisioning of external users; completing and executing legal contracts with several parties; shortening sales cycles by putting all relevant information in one place, and shortening R&D cycles by creating a secure workspace where teams across the world collaborate on design and product ideas. Companies interviewed on average saved over 12 hours per year for a typical Box user which add up quickly depending on the size of the company.

2.    Make IT Strategic: Improve Efficiencies and Business Continuity

  • Customers cite the major upside benefit of spending less time “keeping the lights on” and more time on IT strategy with impact on the business top line. One pharmaceutical company put it this way:

Our core competency is drug development. With Box, we can concentrate on working more effectively with partners on the drug discovery and development process instead of constantly dealing with IT issues.

  • With an always on, cloud-based service like Box, users can recover multiple versions of files, even in the event of accidental deletions or even (gasp!) software file corruption. For IT, Box can also aid in a company’s business continuity objectives.

3.    Mitigate Risk: Maintain Control and Oversight Over Corporate Information

  • IP leakage is a major concern for companies when choosing a solution for enterprise file sharing and collaboration. Companies implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies need a secure, enterprise-grade solution that can enforce company policies if a device is lost or stolen, and Box fills the bill perfectly.
  • Administrative oversight, control and a full audit trail of corporate information are critical for IT. With role-based access, easy user management and advanced security features that can quickly be deployed enterprise-wide, Box gives IT peace of mind.

4.    Build an Ecosystem: Reduce The Integration Burden on IT

  • One thing our customers love most about Box is how easily it can integrate with existing IT environments. Whether it’s by leveraging the 200 business applications that already work with Box, or through our API, customers can customize, extend and incorporate Box into existing workflows, business processes and applications. And they can do all this from day one.

5.    Increase Agility and Speed: Leverage Cloud Solutions For Innovation

  • A recent Forrester survey found that 72% of IT decision makers say their motivation to use a SaaS solution is to improve business agility by adding new, innovative business processes with cloud services (like Box) over existing IT capabilities.
  • For highly mobile companies, Box has shortened the sales cycle by 18 days within two quarters. This encourages companies to plan an enterprise-wide deployment to drive innovation and to get more value out of existing IT investments.

Investing in Box has helped thousands of customers free up IT resources, focus on generating revenue and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly connected world.  For more information, check out the full report, complete with customer testimonials, here.