How Box Helped Us See Africa

Whether it's from our millions of free users or our large business deployments, we're always interested in learning how our customers use Box. We were particularly excited by the note we received from Jerry and Sylvia Deck, Box users from Santa Cruz, CA, about how Box came in handy on a recent trip to Africa. Sylvia wrote:

My husband and I were on the second day of a three-week tour of South Africa last April. He woke up with an irregular heartbeat and, as a retired doctor, recognized he needed to get himself to a hospital quickly. Fortunately, we were near one of the world's best, the Christian Barnard Hospital in Cape Town. However, once there, we realized we had left all our documentation back at the hotel.

We were in the midst of figuring out how I would leave him there and return to our hotel when I suddenly remembered I had put our passports on I asked to use a computer, and within minutes I'd printed out our passports. The hospital personnel were very impressed. So was I. Thank you for providing help when it was needed. My husband, by the way, received a procedure and medication which ensured we could finish our trip --- thanks to you, to the hospital and our well-trained cardiologist.

Thanks for sharing, Sylvia. We're very glad to hear that everything worked out!

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Post by Nick Noyer, Product Marketing Manager

Tags: africa, travel