Hosting the Docker Global Hack Day

Last Wednesday was the third annual Docker Global Hack Day, and we hosted the Mountain View local edition at Box HQ in Los Altos. Developers in the Bay Area joined hundreds of participants around the world, working in teams of one to three hackers to build innovative projects focused around Docker plugins, Docker's software infrastructure plumbing, or the Docker application as a whole.

The event was kicked off by a presentation live-streamed from Docker's main office in San Francisco, as SVP of Engineering Marianna Tessel and other senior members of the Docker engineering team ran through some important product updates. Tessel explained that Docker hopes to bridge the gap between creative developers and the tools they need to create cool software, giving developers everything they need to build, ship, and run their applications. After this general overview of Docker, the Docker team gave a demonstration of Docker products like runC and Notary (the full video presentation can be found here).

After the presentation from the Docker team, and a quick introduction to using Docker from Box senior software engineer Saurav Chatterjee, the hackers split up into their teams and got to work. The hackathon began in earnest at about 5:30 p.m. (PT), and hackers had until 9:30 p.m. to work together in person. Food and drink were provided for all hackers at Box HQ by our Women in Tech group. The deadline for project submissions was Monday at 9 a.m., and the hackers continued to work remotely with their teams for the next four days.

At Box, we're very excited by the ecosystem that Docker is building, and are proud to sponsor local meetups like these, which encourage the open source community to come together and collaborate. We're looking forward to using Docker in our engineering teams to speed up development and help development and operations work together seamlessly. Developing applications in a Docker container, engineers have more confidence that their code will behave the same way across development, testing, and production environments. For more information on Docker and Docker Global Hack Day, visit the Docker website.