Box as a Healthcare Platform: the Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Content Layer

Since announcing Box for Industries at BoxWorks 2014, we’ve seen continued momentum in the healthcare and life sciences vertical. While many healthcare organizations recognize Box’s capabilities when it comes to HIPAA-compliant file sharing, fewer are aware of the opportunities Box provides via its platform.

For healthcare systems, the Box Content API grants providers the ability to access a best-in-class content management system while simultaneously integrating with their existing enterprise-based technologies. On the developer front, providers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can leverage the Box APIs to create some of the most innovative, state-of-the-art applications in the healthcare industry. By building on the Box platform, these customers and partners are helping streamline the way care is delivered. Here are some of the most interesting ways this is being done today:

Greenway Health
Headquartered in Carrollton, GA, Greenway Health is a leading ambulatory Electronic Health Record System (EHR) that also offers a suite of products to doctors’ offices, including a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution and a Practice Management System. While Greenway Health started out as a traditional Box customer, they quickly realized that leveraging the Box APIs could enhance efficiencies within their RCM product. Greenway Health integrated the Box APIs into their RCM product within two weeks, resulting in a more robust provider billing solution. They use the Box APIs to capture extra office visit and billing documentation, which helps with billing cases and greatly reduces the number of days it takes for medical practices to receive payment through the Greenway Health RCM product.

eHealth Technologies
eHealth Technologies is the industry-leading provider of clinical patient referral solutions, serving over half of the top 100 U.S. hospitals. eHealth Technologies in action on an iPadThe company's eHealth Connect® solution enhances patient and physician satisfaction by streamlining transitions of care, and assuring that physicians have the right clinical information to treat their patients right when they need it. Through their products and services, over 4 million medical records and 650 million images are shared annually. To help facilitate their business, eHealth Technologies leverages the Box APIs to provide secure sharing of clinical information for patient referrals. With the Box APIs, eHealth Technologies helps physicians securely transfer medical records when they refer a patient using the eHealth Connect Referral Coordination Suite. This helps the treating physician gain access to a complete view of the medical record allowing for a seamless patient transition between care providers.

WinguMD is transforming the delivery of wound care by developing a medical-grade, mobile collaboration solution. BodyMapSnap is a medical and enterprise-grade photo acquisition, viewing and sharing mobile app.Screenshot of Wingu MD The app helps with the documentation of physical findings for patients and doctors. Photos can be sized and contrast calibrated to accurately track a patient’s condition from day-to-day or week-to-week. Built on the Box APIs, WinguMD is an application that grants patients and providers the ability to upload a picture directly to Box from a smartphone for review. WinguMD provides a diagnostic-grade photo acquisition process with seamless integration capabilities into a hospital’s IT infrastructure, either to a Vendor Neutral Archive or the hospital EHR. Leveraging a deep integration with the Box platform, medical professionals can comment on, tag with metadata for future searching, and measure or annotate images using the Box DICOM Viewer. Additionally, the Box folder structure enables the image to be stored in the appropriate patient record or folder. Box’s HIPAA compliant platform keeps this information secure in transit and at rest and seamlessly facilitates the transfer of communication across the care continuum.

Carebox is a digital health company that makes it easier for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and payors to aggregate structured, clinical data from medical records and to make them viewable and shareable in Box. Carebox is reinventing how providers, payors and consumers collect, organize, and share their healthcare records. The Carebox integration with Box enables Carebox to interface with EHR solutions and patient portals for the purpose of collaborating on patient data using government approved industry standards. Carebox supports CDA/CCD storage and viewing, as well as DIRECT Messaging, and it uses the Box HIPAA compliant platform to safely store clinical data.

Screenshot of Carebox

To learn more about the Box Platform, visit our Developer site or learn more live from the experts at BoxWorks, our annual conference. Register now to attend BoxWorks Sept 28 – 30, 2015 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Learn how leading healthcare providers use Box to enable secure, HIPAA-compliant file sharing.