Goodbye Frustration, Hello Box: Clear Channel Kicks On-Premise Solutions to the Curb

Lance Locher, founder and VP of Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network, had a big problem – his global workforce was frustrated with using multiple on-premise services to get things done. With employees in Germany, Japan, New Zealand and other markets, collaborating in real-time was nearly impossible, and as Lance’s team expanded, their needs were becoming greater and greater. On-premise solutions just weren’t going to cut it.

Enter Box. With its simple yet robust features, Lance and his global workforce were able to share files easily and collaborate in real-time. Even cooler, they’re now using integrations from the Box App Store to fax, print and sign contracts from wherever they are on the globe.

Lance has truly embraced Box’s mobile apps, ditching his laptop in favor of the iPad and Box for business trips. Instead of spending time sharing files via email or answering phone calls, he's now able to simply get work done - from anywhere, at any time. As Lance says, once you embrace Box, it’s “full speed ahead”.

Check out the video below to get the full story:

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Post By Mark Saldaña, Community Manager