Essential Enterprise Apps from Box OneCloud

It's been an exciting week at Box with the launch of our new Box for iPhone® and iPad® app and the simultaneous 50GB offer! One of my favorite features of our brand new app is the rebuilt Box OneCloudTM gallery. The new gallery is completely native and allows users to download the best productivity apps for their needs straight from the App Store without ever having to leave the Box application. With only two taps you'll be newly equipped with the best apps to enhance your mobile workflows.

Have you checked out our OneCloud apps recently? We’ve seen awesome growth in our mobile ecosystem in the last year. We now boast over 850 OneCloud apps integrated with Box, nearly tripling the number of apps that work with us in the last year alone. This growth reflects a greater market trend for business and productivity apps: as Kevin Spain of Emergence Capital has noted, the market of business and productivity apps has been in hyper-growth.

With this growth comes the significant challenge of curation. The more apps we add the harder it is for you to find the best one or two for your needs. Navigating an app marketplace can be a daunting, time-consuming process. That's why today we’re unveiling the Box OneCloud guide to essential enterprise mobile apps. At we’ll be showcasing the best apps for your business needs based on the popularity and reliability that we’ve witnessed in the marketplace.

The ecosystem will continue to grow exponentially and there are significant trends emerging around vertical and niche use-cases. As we’re in a unique position to observe these shifts in the mobile productivity landscape we’re making it a priority to share our learnings back to our customers. is only the first step in our mission to provide top notch curation in your quest for the best mobile apps for your business needs. Stay tuned for more mobile trend updates and enjoy exploring our best-of-breed OneCloud apps on!