Get to What You Need at Lightning Speed with Box for Android 1.7

When you access your Box content on a mobile device, we want to have a smooth, speedy experience. In that spirit, we’ve delivered an update to Box for Android (1.7.0) that makes it easy get to your files at record speed.

First, when you’re already at a file detail page inside a folder, you’ll be able to swipe left and right to navigate to other files inside that folder. If you have a lot of similar files in one folder, now you can dive in to one of them and start swiping to browse and find the one you’re looking for. Warning: this can get very fun and you may end up swiping through your documents and photos without thinking about it!

We also wanted to make it easier to use Box files while in other applications, so we implemented what is essentially a Box file picker. It’s a super simple way to choose files from Box when third-party applications need them. A good example of this is choosing an attachment while composing an email; now you can attach that file straight from your Box account. Pretty neat!

Finally, we added the ability to create shortcuts to files and folders right on your Android home screen. Our widget is already a useful addition to any home screen, but now you can pin your most frequently accessed files and folders as icons for one-tap access. You can do this right from your home screen by choosing to add a Shortcut (Widget) to a Box file or folder, or just use the menu option from inside the app. This particular feature came out of one of our Box Hackathons – we’re glad we could deliver this nifty time saver in this release so soon after the event.

To top it off, our app is now localized in 14 languages. Some of these wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some very talented and helpful volunteers. Thanks to Jan Matys for Czech, Leandro Sousa for Portuguese, Роман Rublevskiy for Russian, and Patrik Žec for Slovak. We’re also available in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Colombian Spanish. If you’d like to help translate in your native language, reach out to us at Thanks!

Download the update now. We’ll be demoing all our mobile apps at our massive booth at CTIA in New Orleans, so please stop by and say hello. You can also let us know what you think of the latest release over on Twitter @BoxHQ or in the comments below. Enjoy!