Get on the Same Page with TimeBridge and Box

Meetings are more productive when all participants are on the same page (literally). To make your meetings as collaborative as possible, we've joined forces with TimeBridge, a service that helps you schedule, manage, and run successful meetings.

This latest integration makes it easy for TimeBridge users to upload, share, and collaborate on meeting documents using Whenever you're working on a document or presentation, we can all appreciate the fluid nature of the process - changes and tweaks are being made all the time. Whether you're participating face-to-face or joining your TimeBridge meeting virtually, you'll be able access and work together on the latest documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can incorporate your content as you're scheduling a TimeBridge meeting, or later through the TimeBridge Meeting Room.

Scheduling a meeting with TimeBridge is easy: just enter the email addresses of attendees, a meeting topic and message of your choosing, the location, and up to five potential meeting times. With TimeBridge's cool feature set, you can include an agenda, assign any action items to attendees, and - of course - share your relevant files. Once your invitation is complete, you'll be prompted to either log in to your TimeBridge account or create a new one for free. After the meeting is scheduled, Timebridge will let you add more files to Box to  share with your meeting attendees via the "Shared files" tab of your meeting.

To get started, just visit the TimeBridge OpenBox Application page and click "Add Application." Right click on a file or folder and select "Schedule with TimeBridge," and you'll be redirected to TimeBridge to set up your meeting.

We look forward to your feedback - leave your comments or feel free to tweet at us @boxdotnet.

Post by Ashley Mayer, Community Manager