The Future is Built on Mobile

Last week, we hosted our first-ever Mobile Open House. With over 150 developers and mobile enthusiasts in the audience, the mobile leads for Uber, Square and Box dug into the ways different organizations scale their mobile efforts and approach mobile development. By the end of the night, one thing was clear: the future is built on mobile.

Building Mobile as a Platform First Architecture

First Martin Destagnol, head of Box mobile engineering, shared how we've broken down the Box mobile application into smaller, reusable components. This modular approach allows our developers to build highly customized applications without cluttering the user interface. During the course of this transition, the team confronted a series of fundamental questions:

  • How do we expose our existing work in different apps?
  • How do we maintain quality as we scale?
  • How do we ensure ownership of what we’re building?
  • What are the best tools we can provide to our developers?

Martin talked through how the Box mobile team attacked these questions and left us with the following key learning: If you want to be serious about your Mobile Platform, you have to be customer of your own SDKs.

Removing Dependancies to Enable Scale

Next, Ganesh Srinivasan of Uber showed us how the company has approached scaling their mobile engineering team and the development process through massive growth rates. In particular, Ganesh dove into modular design and development of new application features. These modules perform a single task and have simple abstract interfaces. He explained how they are loosely coupled together to avoid too many dependancies.

Crash Fast: How Square Handles Crashes on Android

Finally, Pierre-Yves Ricau presented on how the Android Engineering team at Square has created a systematic approach to gathering crash data including coding defensively, gathering information, measuring impact and improving architecture.

Check out the full video of the talks below.

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