Five Ways to Automate Your Business with Box

If you're a Box Enterprise or Elite customer, get ready to start building powerful content policies and automated processes on the Box platform - I'm excited to share that today the Policies and Automation tabs in the admin console are generally available, providing a new way to secure and accelerate the flow of content across your organization.

Policies and automation_blog imageSince we announced these features at BoxWorks last year, we've invited over 400 customers into the beta. Together, those companies have created more than 1,000 unique rules in their Box accounts, and the use cases range from the simple to the sublime.

For example, one industrial customer previously required users working with highly sensitive data (like aircraft, defense, and intelligence projects) to use other on-premises tools to store and share information. But with the new security upload rules, they've opened up Box access to all employees and instead use policies to monitor what's being stored in the cloud.

Security policiesTo help you get started, here are five ways to use Policies and Automations:

  • Create a secure upload folder. Collecting sensitive information from customers? Create a folder with upload-only permissions. Then, create a rule to move uploaded files to a collaborators-only folder for review.
  • Monitor data loss. Create a security policy to alert you whenever someone downloads a large amount of content. This notification will give you the chance to confirm if this is something to worry about.
  • Sort images for design review. Reviewing and approving large numbers of media files can be time consuming. Create a rule that moves any image with a completed task to a 'Finals' folder. As photos are selected, you'll automatically separate the good from the bad.
  • Manage purchase approvals. When a new purchase requisition is started, create a folder automation that automatically assigns a task to the approver when a new document is uploaded. Then, when the task is completed (approving the purchase), move the requisition to the 'Approved' folder.
  • Flag risky collaborations. Want to make sure no one shares the product roadmap with a competitor? Set a security policy to alert you if someone from an unwanted domain is added as a collaborator.

From there, start customizing these simple rules to accelerate the way you do business, and stay tuned for more updates as we develop these features further! And, if you want to peek behind the hood at how we built this, check out this post on our Box Engineering Blog.

When you're ready to get started with Policies and Automations, check out the documentation on our help site and contact your Box customer success manager to get it added to your account.