Five Quick Ways to Customize Your Box Admin Console

The Box admin console is designed to give you all the tools you need to securely manage your business’ content and keep an eye on user activities within Box, and many of you are already well-versed in its use. But for those of you who are still striving to become Masters of the Box Admin Universe, we wanted to suggest a few easy ways to jumpstart your account’s customizations and create a more attractive and secure experience for your users.

1. Set up security controls for your users

We know how busy your day can be, and we want to make it easy for admins to set company-wide requirements for new and existing users. That’s why we’ve allowed you to set overall defaults for how users can join your company’s account, what type of passwords they should use and the mobile or web apps they’re allowed to access.

The Signup and Login section allows you to specify whether your employees can sign up on their own, and if they’re notified about failed login attempts. You can also require that users sign up with a corporate email address.

The Setting Password section allows you to require your users’ passwords to meet specific criteria for added security. You can set a minimum length or require the use of special characters or uppercase letters.

Together, these settings ensure that your deployment is as secure as you need it to be.

2. Customize the look and feel to match your company brand

Now that you’ve deployed Box to your business, we want to make it easy for you to customize the look and feel of your entire account, and really make it feel like it’s a space exclusively for your users. That’s where our custom branding options come in.

You can designate a specific color scheme (either pre-made or from your own hex color codes), add your company’s logo and choose a specific domain. These small finishing touches help your users feel like they’re working inside a space designed just for them.

3. Add users and set their permissions

Once you set up security and branding for your account, you can also add and manage new users from the Users tab. In addition to giving you control over who is added to the account, it’s also a great way to give users immediate access to Box, allowing them to get started right away without having to first create an account. The Users tab also allows you to customize permissions by user, ensuring each user has the right access controls for your organization or project.

Create a new user by either clicking the ‘Users’ quicklink on the front page of the admin console or selecting the Users tab. Once inside the Users tab, you can create new users, allocate storage, add users to groups and manage each user’s permission level.

Bonus: We also give admins control over a user’s ability to sync their files on their desktop, and let you set clear device limitations.

4. Search for content across your account

Sometimes you need to find specific content in your company’s account—for example, when an employee moves on and you want to see which folders they owned so you can transfer the content to their replacement or their remaining team. That’s why we offer an instant login feature, which enables you to quickly access any user’s account and perform a search for the content you need.

For easier, account-wide content discovery, you can also join our advanced admin console beta program. With the Files tab, you’ll have access to powerful search tools that let you find content by date range, content type, size and context. If you’re an enterprise customer interested in joining the beta, contact us at

5. Reporting on usage and activities

Finally, we know how much admins love the insight and security that usage reports can provide – they provide clarity about what’s going on in your account and who’s accessing your content, both internally and externally. With the Reports tab in the admin console, you can easily:

  • Create reports with information about your files, folders and users
  • See statistics about file and user activity
  • Access reports about security settings

To make it easy, we always show these vital stats in handy graphs right on the front page of the admin console. We recently upgraded the look and feel of the front page, with snazzier graphs, a new layout, and a news section that gives you the latest updates on changes to the admin console. Check it out and tell us what you think!

We hope you enjoy all the features we have to offer in the admin console—and we’re always adding more, so stay tuned! Don’t have a business or enterprise account yet? It’s an easy switch! Just tell us your project or business needs and we’ll put you in touch with our team.