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With Box Platform, we've helped hundreds of businesses bring our cloud content management capabilities to their own applications - using our APIs to build engaging digital experiences for their employees, customers, and partners. However even with more than a hundred thousand developers on our platform, we often hear that biggest challenge is imagining what to build and how to build it.

Today we're excited to introduce a new way for customers to discover business solutions with Box Platform Solutions Gallery. By teaming up with some of our leading service and technology partners, we're giving customers an inside look on how similar businesses within their industry are using Box Platform to overcome unique challenges. Whether you're a highly regulated business in the financial services industry or one that has access to highly confidential documents such as healthcare - any business at any size can get ahead of the curve with the right resources at their fingertips.

Box plays an integral piece for our partners and we can't wait for customers to take advantage of some of these solutions that they've built.

"As Neocol was evolving over the last 15 years in enterprise content management, Box was a natural part of our new cloud-content reference architecture. Their open APIs and complete ecosystem of technologies and capabilities, helped clients of all sizes service their customers efficiently and effectively - reducing friction during their digital transformation process. Add in the ability to take a client’s needs and move them from a simple idea to reality is invaluable." - Tom Rieger, VP of Customer Experience and Strategy at Neocol

"Documents still sit at the core of many business processes today. As clients transform those processes, Box Platform enables us to quickly build flexible solutions that leverage enterprise-grade content management, collaboration and security capabilities.” - Sean Middelton, COO of Emerging Business Accelerator at Cognizant

"By partnering with the Box Platform, we were able to focus on what's important to our customers. Combining our deep knowledge of Commercial Real Estate deal management with Box's expertise in content management, we were able to deliver a superior product." - Kenter Wu, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Dealpath

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