Dolphin Browser Gets Box Add-On

As part of the platform team, one of my foremost goals is to make sure that you can access Box from all the applications you already use. These days, I'm especially focused on mobile - with new business apps coming out daily on any number of mobile platforms, I know how important it is that our users be able to seamlessly use any of them with Box. That's why we've worked so hard to bring integrations with mobile document editors like QuickOffice and Documents To Go, file managers like GoodReader and Zen Viewer, and dozens of other popular apps.

There's one type of app we haven't tackled yet, though, and it's where mobile users spend the vast majority of their time - the browser. That's why we're pleased to announce that MoboTap is launching a Box add-on for their highly popular Dolphin Browser. You're probably familiar with browser extensions on the desktop, and MoboTap is the one of the first companies to extend that concept to the mobile phone. As proponents of innovation, we're excited to be one of the first enterprise add-ons that they're launching.

The Box add-on for Dolphin will enable users to easily save content from the Web or local files to Box. After connecting Dolphin to your Box account, you can upload any webpage you visit to Box, and you can also upload any files on your mobile device to your Box account directly from the browser. This is just one more way to save you time and easily get your content onto Box.

Box for Dolphin is now available worldwide on Android.

Tags: browser, dolphin