Digital Notetaking with Noterize for the iPad

The iPad has transformed how we consume content, and no where is this more obvious than during meetings. With the Box for iPad app, we can now view and pass around documents and presentations without having to print a single file. But what if we want to do more than just read?

Noterize, available today in the App Store, is a digital notetaking tool that allows you to view and annotate PDF or PowerPoint documents from your Box account. You can mark up your documents in freehand using the pen and highlighter tools, or add typed text and sticky notes. Insert extra pages of blank, lined, or grid paper if you need more space to take notes. You can even record audio from the meeting to review later in case you miss anything.

Box has always been a great way to share large files. Do your colleagues a favor: next time you send them that “really interesting” 100-page report, highlight the important sections with Noterize.

Noterize is an exciting addition to our growing range of OpenBox mobile applications that can deliver your content on-to-go. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

Post by David Rohrsheim, Business Development