DataHero + Box: Unmask the Answers in Your Data

Does your app work with Excel or CSV data? Want to provide your users with dynamic visualizations that they can customize and share? Sick of spending time on pivot tables? DataHero’s integration with Box will help you with all these things.


DataHero is a powerful, easy-to-use analytics tool that lets you visualize spreadsheets and CSV files quickly and easily. If your app works with data files in Box, your customers can use DataHero to instantly visualize their data. With DataHero Live Charts, the visualizations they create in DataHero automatically stay up-to-date as their files change, so they can instantly see insights within their data as it evolves. Click here  to learn more about how to use Box and DataHero Live Charts together.

Since DataHero can visualize any data file stored in Box, you can also connect it to your own Box account to analyze and visualize files that you or your company work with, saving you valuable time and showing you the answers in your data. To get started, sign up for a free DataHero account and connect it to Box!