Cubicles out, Scooters in: Our 5 Favorite Reasons to Call Box Home

When I first joined the Box crew 6 months ago, we were bursting at the seams with 80 employees - we're now up to 121 and continue to grow a little more each month (luckily, our new HQ is pretty big). As a member of Box's recruiting team, I get to meet a lot of smart people who are interested in working at Box. They're really excited about what we're doing, and many have seen our billboards on the 101 - others even mention that they've seen our very own CFO, Dylan Smith, on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, or have read our CEO's contributions on TechCrunch.

I love working at Box, and that's not just because of the great benefits and perks (though those definitely help). People here are really excited about what they do every day, and it shows. From engineers to salespeople and support reps, Boxers are passionate about solving problems and building a great product. It's an awesome feeling to work with people who genuinely enjoy coming into the office every day. In no particular order, here are some other reasons why working at Box rocks:

Help change the way people work. Box is the leader in the cloud content management space, with over 4 million users and 60,000 businesses using our service. We're focused on building the enterprise software of the future, which allows workers to connect, share and collaborate without worrying about the traditional burdens of legacy systems.

Work with (and learn from) the best minds in Silicon Valley. We don't like to brag (well, maybe we do, just a little)... but our employees have attended some of the best schools in the world, like Berkeley, Stanford, CMU, Cornell and Harvard. And many of them have worked at places like Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo, just to name a few. In virtually every department at Box, you'll find a group of people with wildly different and interesting backgrounds - and that's just how we like it.

Work hard, play hard. When our team isn't working to radically change software, they're playing an intense game of ping-pong, grabbing a drink from our in-house keg, belting out a song in Rock Band, or watching a movie on the big screen in our lunch room. Our office is more than just another workspace - since it's our home away from home, we make time during the day to have fun and hang out with our coworkers.

Solve problems now, not later. We work fast to find solutions. At our Box hackathons, our engineers work through the night to devote 16 hours of non-stop coding to a project of their choice. When Boxers see a problem, they work to solve it as quickly as possible; sometimes that requires just one night and lots of Red Bull. Our team loves a challenge, and working on complex issues like scaling and performance comes with the territory at Box.

Free food, and lots of it. In addition to the wide assortment of food we have for lunch (catered daily), Box has two fully stocked kitchens with lots of healthy (and not-so-healthy) snacks. You'll never go hungry inside the walls of Box HQ.

We've grown quite a bit in the last year; in fact, we were recognized as the #5 Fastest Growing Private Company in Silicon Valley and listed as one of Inc. Magazine's breakout companies of 2010. Interested in being part of the team? Head over to and check out the open positions - hope to hear from you soon!

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