Countdown to #BoxWorks: Tweet #LevieFacts to Win Box Swag

Hi again, Box fans! With BoxWorks is just a few weeks away, everyone at Box HQ is brimming with anticipation. We're especially excited to hear from our lineup of big-name speakers (like Tony Hsieh, Ted Schadler and Geoffrey Moore) and our our own CEO, who will take the stage to present the keynote and unveil a few top-secret Box announcements.

You already know that our fearless leader is a pretty interesting guy, so this week, you'll have the chance to win Box swag (a shirt, hoodie, mug, or something else awesome) by tweeting facts about Aaron Levie. Don't worry, you wont have to do any research before you tweet – your "fact" can be completely made up. Here's an example:

"He once destroyed an FTP server with his bare hands...when he was a baby. #LevieFacts #BoxWorks"

Do you think my fact is true or false? I'm not telling :). In order to be eligible for a prize, your tweet must include the hashtags #LevieFacts and #BoxWorks. 10 people will win Box swag every day, and this contest will run through Friday, September 16. Get tweeting now to win your swag!