Corporate Environments' Director of IT Trusts Box to Get the Job Done

Corporate environments specializes in architectural products for company workplaces, so it's not unusual for employees to travel to job sites or work with external teams to finish projects. The team didn't have a centralized repository for important content, so employees were sending one "master file" back and forth, which greatly increased the number of steps needed to complete a project. Scott Blanck, director of IT, needed to find an elegant solution that would allow his employees to easily share and access their content from anywhere.

Scott switched his company over to Box, which immediately led to increased collaboration and efficiency in his entire organization. Now his team can view content directly in a web browser and mark up important documents while in the field using Box on the iPad. In fact, Scott states that this increased efficiency has improved his company's bottom line, as the time from job completion to invoicing has decreased from a week to just 3 days. Box's permissioning features have also made his job easier, since the entire team can seamlessly work with external agencies and contractors without worrying about who has access to what.

Overall, Scott loves Box because he thinks it "delivers on what the promise of cloud computing is". Watch the video below to hear his entire story:

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