Controlled Collaboration with "Check in / Check Out" Feature

We want to make collaboration on as easy as possible, while also providing the document control capabilities essential to your work flow. Our recently launched "Check in / Check out" feature will make it easy to edit documents in collaborative folders without overlap or confusion - here's how:

Say you need to edit a document in a shared folder, and to avoid a mix-up, you want to prevent fellow collaborators from doing the same. With our new "Check in / Check out" option, just select "Lock File > Download & Lock" from the file action menu, with the option to select a lock expiration time. By default, fellow collaborators will still have the ability to download the file while locked, but you can elect to prevent downloads. From there, select "Continue" and your file will download as usual.

When you're ready to upload an edited version back to Box, just follow the usual process of selecting "Upload New Version" from the file action menu, and you'll be prompted to unlock ("Check-in") the file. And you're done! Alternately, you can select "Unlock File" from the action menu, and then "Upload Edited File (Unlock)." And if you want to unlock the file without uploading a new version, just choose "Mark as Unlocked" at any point in the process.

And just in case the editor of a locked file gets sidetracked - or decides to go on vacation - we've added a few features to ensure that your productivity won't suffer. When a file is locked, fellow collaborators will see a lock icon to the left of the file, and can send a direct request to the current editor to unlock the file. Additionally, the folder owner or co-owner can override the lock at any time.

We're making "Check in / Check out" available for all Individual, Business and Enterprise plans, as well as Lite users collaborating in a folder owned by someone with a paid account. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think!

Post by Ashley Mayer, Community Manager