Cloud Leaders Unite: Choose the Cloud

What do the CEOs and founders of, Get Satisfaction, PBworks, SlideRocket, Socialtext, SugarCRM, Xobni and Zuora have in common? They all believe that we're at the beginning of a massive transformation, where businesses reinvent how they connect and communicate by shifting from software built for the desktop to software designed for the web.

In this video, these cloud leaders come together to express why they believe forward-looking organizations should embrace an entirely new approach to business software and "choose the cloud." With cloud-based software, businesses have their pick of best of breed, integrated solutions. They can share and collaborate across organizations and around the world. And they get the innovation right when it happens, instead of being held hostage by three year product cycles (ahem, Microsoft, ahem). We think its a pretty powerful message.

Thanks so much to our friends for participating in this video - we had a blast making it. And thanks to our customers who have already embraced this "new way" of working. Visit for more information about this movement, and show your support by posting this video on your Facebook page, or tweeting about why you've chosen the cloud with the hashtag #ChooseCloud.

Go cloud!

Ashley Mayer, Community Manager