Cloud Foundry and Heroku Integrate with the Box Platform

Today, our /bin partners at VMWare Cloud Foundry and Heroku are helping us make it even easier for developers to build applications on Box. By integrating their technology into our development process, they're helping to save some of the time and tedious work usually involved in building an application in the cloud.

While I'll spare you the technical details here (you can see those on our developer blog), what's interesting is the fact that these integrations are a first for an enterprise software company. Facebook's similar partnership with Heroku has already helped Heroku deploy hundreds of thousands of applications, and it's our hope that bringing a similar service to Box will not only increase the number of applications built on our platform, but also demonstrate that all platforms can benefit from providing tools that make life easier for developers. Our platform is also the first to offer this kind of an integration with Cloud Foundry, which is rapidly becoming a leader in this space.

So why does this really matter? The answer there is simple - making things easier for our developers means that it's that much simpler for them to create great applications that make your Box content even more useful. While our goal as a company will always be to make it as easy as possible to share and collaborate on your content, our developer community is building tools that let you do more with your content and connect it to other services you already use.

A big thanks to the folks at Cloud Foundry and Heroku for all of their dedicated work on this. If you're a developer, you can learn more about the technical side in this post. To learn more about /bin, go to