Cloud Enabling Your Application Just Became as Easy as Sending an Email

At Box, we believe the cloud is the connective glue for applications of all types. Our goal is to help create an ecosystem that allows people, applications, and businesses to share and collaborate on content with one another.

However, even with all the benefits of cloud-enabling applications, the process of integrating with various services is harder than it should be. Which providers should I partner with? How do these services handle authentication? How do I maintain a good user experience with my customers?


We believe that integrating with cloud services shouldn’t be this hard. Therefore, we’re happy to announce a new provision grant that makes cloud-enabling your application as easy as sending an email. Based on our previous Instant Mode product, the provision grant is our next iteration on a similar concept. With just an email address, we will provision three things for you: a Box account, 10GB of free storage, and a folder for your application to begin uploading content to. Everything is done seamlessly behind the scenes, so your users can continue using your application without any additional effort.

Being able to create an on-demand Box account opens the door to new opportunities for applications of all types. If you’re in media and entertainment, you have the ability to offload your large video files from your storage facilities. If you’re in advertising, you can supplement your customer portal with collaborative offerings to help edit proposed designs. If you’re in finance or insurance, you can deposit monthly account statements for customers to review. No matter the use case, our goal with the provision grant is to help developers provide more value to customers, while offloading the difficulty of cloud-enabling applications to us. To take advantage of our new API, visit our tutorial on how to get started.

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