Cloud Convert Story: Old School to New School

Welcome to our weekly Cloud Converts spotlight! We’ll be sharing a new customer story every Friday to highlight all our favorite tales about how switching to Box has turned people into passionate Cloud Converts. At Box, we know that the cloud is a very useful tool for those in the construction industry – especially since workers often need to keep track of proposals, blueprints and other documents in order to stay on top of everything. Read below to learn how a recent Cloud Convert, Kevin Roggen, is using the power of Box to turn his colleagues into Cloud Converts, too:

As a small construction business professional doing business, the “old school approach” is showing its age. I have been trying to convert the old school owner to using new technology, but it has been difficult. Thanks to Box, he has started to come around. It amazed him that I was able to pull up proposals, estimates and change orders instead of carrying folders of paperwork into meetings. It has also helped us to cut back on our paper usage.

Thanks for the awesome story, Kevin! Check back next week for more, or read past entries by clicking on the “Cloud Converts” category on our blog.