Cloud Convert Story: Freedom to Work Anywhere

Welcome again to our Cloud Converts spotlight, where we share our favorite tales about how switching to Box has turned people into passionate Cloud Converts! Read below to hear how one Box customer, John Leal, used the power of the cloud to revolutionize the IT department at his company:

My company is a recent Box convert. Starting in our IT department, we are going cloud on everything we can so that some of our management team can go back home to Louisiana and still be 100% in the mix. My IT manager is also assisting us to be a "results only" work environment, which means we work on our terms, when we want and where we want so long as we get the job done. Box is a huge part of me being able to spend time with my family because I can access all my work files from my iPad anywhere and work better and faster. I can truly be a full-time Dad because my amazing and progressive company is letting us have real freedom by going to the Cloud and connecting us no matter where we are. Box and the Cloud have freed me from the desk and the clock, so it’s like living in the most fantastic work dream one could ever have! Sweet, sweet dreams in the Cloud!

Thanks for the story, John! We'll have to add "extra time to spend with your family" to the official list of Box features ;) . Do you have a story about your transition to to a new, cloud-based way of doing business? Let the world know by sending us an email at